Raymond & Associates offers professional real estate services for both Buyers and Sellers, specializing in the sale of exceptional and unique residential properties, investment opportunities, land parcels and new development sales. Our reputation for providing exceptional service and impeccable professional integrity insures our clients the very best.
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Top 6 Questions Asked about Buying and Selling a Home in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbarba County:

Sale Prices in SLO Cities the Past 3 Years

Selling a Home and what to Expect

Selling Homes is our Business

We have an aggressive Marketing Strategy!

In today's home selling market it takes more than just sticking a sign in your yard and putting your property up on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)... any agent can do that!
All agents are NOT the SAME
Most sellers think that all real estate agents are the same and end up working with an inexperienced agent who lacks the knowledge, experience and resources to produce a successful sale. It is important to know that all agents are not the same. In fact, there is a large gap between the good and the bad. Raymond and Associates far exceeds the average and succeed where others fail. We provide aggressive, innovative marketing to sell your home in today's market place! Utilizing a razor-sharp strategy & cutting edge technology as THE SELLING ADVANTAGE incorporating the best available marketing tool, technology, approach, contacts or potential avenue to generate prospective buyers for your property!

Over 75% of our buyers are from out-of-the-area. From those buyers over 80% of have viewed the properties from our website. Listing your
property with us insures maximum exposure to GET YOUR HOME SOLD!

Why Sellers choose us Unbeatable Marketing Plan, Personalized Service, Local Market Expertise Well into our second decade, our team concept provides a superior level of service for both sellers and buyers. As team member we have specific responsibilities that are aligned to their strengths. Clients receive more detailed attention. The result is obvious that we have successfully closes homes on the Central Coast. If you are seeking to sell a home in our real estate market, you will find that we can help you reach your goals. We live and work in the same marketplace and motivated to achieve the best sales price with the best terms. Home values are important to all of us as well as maintaining a strong marketplace. For sellers who are building or buying a home on the Central Coast real estate market, you may want to consider our Sellers Motivated Guaranteed Sale Program and learn how you can move more quickly with the assurance that you won't own two homes.

Marketing your home requires MORE than the MLS Selling your home in today's ever-changing, web-enabled, 24/7 online world requires marketing your home in more places than just the MLS. However, many real estate agents rely on this exposure as their only form of 'marketing'. Research shows that 89% of home buyers search extensively online during their home buying process. However, traditional agents have not adapted their marketing to reach today's buyers. The competency of your agent in the areas of online marketing, social media and non-traditional exposure will make the difference in today's real estate market. Who you hire matters! Choose wisely. Raymond and Associates learned years ago that to successfully market, negotiate, sell and close homes, takes the work of a dedicated team. We know what is required to take care of our customers - going beyond expectations.

We won't settle for average - and neither should you.

Skill is a tricky thing to measure. When selecting a real estate team to sell your home or help you find a new home, an educated assessment of skill is needed. Most important is finding a brokerage that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Number of years in the business may sound like a good indicator of skill - but really, it only measures experience.
Today's Market Requires a Multi-Faceted Approach to Selling Your Home In order to sell your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time it needs to be priced right, accessible for showings and given high exposure. Raymond and Associates specializes in full service marketing as it takes a multi-faceted approach to sell in today's market.
1. We start with the For Sale sign that announces your intention to sell your home. You will have a RQ code that contains specific information about your home buy the use of smart phones" with immediately contact info.
The brochure stand that accompanies the sign provides buyers with access to a color brochure on your home including photographs and property information.
2. The local Broker Listing Cooperative is one venue we utilize in promoting your home for sale.
3. We post 20+ photos, a virtual video tour link, seller disclosure forms, utility sheet and other helpful information that buyers and agents may need. This information is also sent through our Internet Data Exchange (IDX) to be posted on cooperative local real estate company sites.
4. A virtual video tour of your entire house is created using the extensive photos and information that is gathered at the time you list your home. The virtual tour will cover nearly every room in your home and provides additional comments to point out highlighted features. We use professional experience to create stunning videos and still photos.
5. Listing syndication of your home's data will appear on Trulia.com, Zillow.com, Craigslist.com, Homes.com, YouTube.com, and a multitude of other sites providing you maximum exposure to the world wide real estate market. Our personal website make home shopping easy and functional.
6. The RaymondandAssociates.com site offers buyers a quick search option in specific market segments and highlights our inventory of listings.
7. Your home will have its own page on our website complete with detailed property information, photos and virtual tour link. This webpage is posted on Facebook and shared with Twitter. It is indexed by Google's search engine and is available for you to share with friends, family and prospective buyers. REALTOR.com is one of the nation's most popular websites for home searching. You will also receive premium placement at the top of search results.
Not only will you know your home is being made available to the world, but we will also provide you detailed activity information from top real estate sites. You will receive detailed information on traffic patterns, favorite photos, and overall activity in the market.

Emailus or call 805 929-6189 to get YOUR HOME SOLD today.

When is a Good Time to Buy a Home

Currently there are GREAT real estate opportunities still available.
Many premium homes and properties have sold at bargain prices and "The Best of The Best" are being bought by savvy buyers. Even with newly placed listings it is important to know that our area is experiencing an increase of sales and a decline of inventory while the premium homes are the first to sell.
That is why the best time to contact us is NOW!

“Bank Owned” Foreclosed Homes – Definition & Expectations

The Definition of "REO" Properties
You will hear people saying "REO" in one form or another including "REO's" and "REO Properties" among a few others. REO simply means Real Estate Owned. In the real estate investment industry when you see the words REO in an advertisement it is generally assumed the subject property is a foreclosed property or property that has otherwise come into the possession of the bank or lender.
Where it gets confusing to some is that REO does not only mean real estate owned by a bank or lender they have accepted in lieu of foreclosure or have foreclosed upon but the term also indicates any property held by an individual including their primary residence.

When a loan originator is accepting an application from a prospective borrower there is actually a section for the listing of real estate owned. When that part of the application is encountered the loan originator may use the abbreviation REO instead of saying the words "real estate owned". This is the time where all properties are listed whether or not there is a registered mortgage attached to them.

The Definition of "FORECLOSURE" Properties or "BANK OWNED"
Legal process by which a lender cancels (forecloses) a borrower's right of redemption of the mortgaged property through a court order (called foreclosure order).
The court sets a date up to which the borrower can redeem the property by paying off the entire loan balance (including foreclosing expenses).
Thereafter, the lender is free to sell the property and, upon the sale, applies the sale proceeds first to the due amount and pays the remainder (if any) to the borrower. The borrower remains liable for the due amount if the property remains unsold, and for the shortfall if the sale proceeds are insufficient to pay off the entire debt. The lender is generally under an obligation to sell the property at or near its fair market value (FMV).

What are “Short Sale” Homes – Definition & Process

"Short Sales" is when a homeowners is underwater meaning they owe more on their mortgage than their home is currently worth. For borrowers in default or at risk of defaulting, selling their house for less than is owed, often termed a short sale, may be the only option. However, short sale offers must be accepted by the bank that owns the mortgage, and can take as long as a few months before an offer is accepted.
"Short Sale"
is when more money is owed on the property than the suggested listed price.

Some home buyers are submitting unrealistically low offers on bank-owned properties, hoping to purchase a home at a bargain price. Low offers often use valuable time and resources that could be dedicated toward more favorable offers more likely to garner bank approval. It is vital that home buyers work closely with their REALTOR ® to submit appropriate offers, especially when dealing with a short sale property.

Theoretically, short sales should be a win-win for the bank and the homeowner. Although the bank does not receive the full payment on the mortgage, it also does not incur the costs of foreclosure and/or eviction, if necessary. Many homeowners also prefer short sales because it does less damage to their credit score than a foreclosure. However, many real estate experts say that the majority of banks are reluctant to approve short sales, and often let properties go into foreclosure, even when there are reasonable offers on the property. In addition to considering the price, most lenders also take into consideration whether the homeowner can demonstrate financial hardship. If the homeowner is capable of making payments, many lenders will try to work out a loan modification, rather than a short sale.

Short sales often are more time intensive than traditional transactions and often require additional paperwork taking a few months to receive approval. If information or required forms are missing or incomplete, the bank may set the offer aside, which could delay the process and cause the property to go into foreclosure. To expedite the process, it is important that sellers work closely with their REALTOR ® to provide all of the necessary paperwork.

Is a Short Sale right for you?  How to know if you are a candidate.

Raymond & Associates Service Area

Raymond & Associates Service Areas Include:
Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo homes, Shell Beach, Grover Beach, Nipomo, Avila Beach, Arroyo Grande, Morro Bay, Cambria, Cayucos, Los Osos, Atascadero, Templeton, Paso Robles, Santa Maria & Orcutt. Servicing clients in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County
Let us list your property today to insure the best market price with fast easy results. 

California’s largest monarch butterfly grove sits at Pismo Beach. Each year from November through February, thousands of butterflies rest in the eucalyptus trees.

Pismo Beach home for butterfliesOne hundred miles of stunning coastline awaits the visitor to San Luis Obispo County. From the dramatic shores of the northern central coast; Ragged Point, San Simeon, Cambria, to the timelessness of Morro rock; Morro Bay, Cayucos, to the smooth diamond-white sands of the southern beaches and dunes; Oceano, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, there is something for everyone. There is no better place to play golf than in San Luis Obispo County. About a dozen golf courses offer a variety of terrain and levels of play while enjoying the most affordable golf in California’s Central Coast.

With nearly ten beaches strung along the central coast, all of them offer something for surfers, kayakers and sunbathers or those wanting to explore the tide pools or just walk along the shore. From the surfers beach in Cayucos to Cambria’s Moonstone Beach where one can still find semi-precious agates to Avila Beach; considered by some to be the sunniest and warmest beach in the county to Pismo Beach for more surfing and swimming; it truly is the place for those who love to be in or close to the big blue of the Pacific ocean on the (Central Coast). Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande Real Estate.

The village of Cambria with Victorian houses dating as far back as the 1870’s runs through a narrow valley inland along Main Street and continues to the sea along Moonstone Beach. Known as an “Artist” community because of the many galleries known to house the fine works of art including everything from paintings, two dimensional works and wearable art to sculptural works in every medium from wood, metal, acrylic to the exquisite blown glass of both local and renown California artists. Cambria has a wide and varied selection of shops guaranteed to be a novel and rich experience for those who seek the unique and tasteful.

Morro Rock, the timeless sentinel of Morro Bay is a volcanic peak over 21 million years old jutting up out of the ocean standing at 576 feet high. Timelessness painted in rock that serves as guardian to the villages of Cayucos, Morro Bay and Los Osos. The productive commercial fishing fleets in Morro Bay provide the areas restaurants and fish markets with the freshest of seafood along the embarcadero and Harbor side. Driving up from the ocean side, towards the hill, one catches glimpses of the magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and the Morro Bay estuary.

Inland a ways lays the hub of San Luis Obispo County in the beautiful quaint city of San Luis Obispo, (SLO) for short; perfectly situated for easy access to both the North and South parts of the county. At it’s heart lies the de Tolosa Mission founded in 1772 and surrounding the mission an outdoor venue where special events are held. Not to be missed are Thursday evenings when the streets come alive as San Luis Obispo hosts its open-air Farmers’ Market popular for it’s abundant local fresh produce and as well, a night to meander the streets tasting the food from the various street vendors while taking in the vibrant eclectic mix of local entertainments.

The beach town of Avila Beach with its many quaint restaurants, and deep-sea fishing also boasts a seaside golf resort and in summer quite often the boardwalk will have open artist stalls set up. At Avila pier you can drop a line over and fish for your lunch or dine in style at the restaurant at the end of the pier or go out deep sea fishing on one of the boats that are regularly scheduled. Avila homes for sale.

And then there are the “Five Cities of San Luis Obispo County, clustered amid coastal mountains, farmland, and the Pacific Ocean.” Shell Beach long ago annexed by Pismo Beach, Grover Beach whose beach really belongs to Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande and unincorporated Oceano that lies stretched along the shore inland of the dunes. Not as well known as San Simeon may be for it’s Hearst Castle, or San Luis Obispo for it’s colleges and Mission perhaps; but the Five Cities have their own special charm.

It’s hard to envision anything relevant to city or the likes of when you walk along the shores of Pismo Beach looking out to the wonder of the mighty blue Pacific. Pismo Beach is a place meant for relaxing and enjoying the summer days whether it be strolling through town for an ice cream or down to the pier to see what they’re catching or just checking to see if the surf’s up. Pismo Beach homes for sale.

Shell beach is great for walking along the cliffs ~ the sheer bluffs that tumble to meet the crashing white wisps of Pacific Ocean spray. Sit at one of the benches there awhile and you can listen to the gulls’ chorus and sometimes even catch a glimpse of a whale passing by on it’s journey either north or south. There are stairs down to the beach and when the tides out; the tide pools are a wealth of treasures for those who like exploring. Shell Beach homes for sale. Pismo Beach Real Estate.

Grover Beach really has no beach of it’s own as it really belongs to Pismo Beach, but it does have access to a state operated ramp for driving on the hard packed sand down the beach and out to the dunes that run along side Oceano. Like a string of tide pools, our little cluster of 5 cities lies strewn along the coast line each offering up it’s own treasures. Grover Beach homes for sale.

The village of Arroyo Grande is a charming town that lies under the moderating influence of the Pacific marine layer. It maintains a distinct village character being a pedestrian friendly town famous for it’s swinging bridge. At 171 feet long, and 40 feet above the Arroyo Grande creek, the swinging bridge is a favorite pedestrian through way to reach the unique collection of shops and boutiques. Farmer’s Market adds to the vibrant flair of the Arroyo Grande village on Saturdays while live entertainment can be heard on the bandstand often heralded by the family of protected strutting roosters and their flock as they parade through town and around the market place at will. Arroyo Grande homes for sale. Arroyo Grande Real Estate.

The community of Nipomo, located in the southern end of San Luis Obispo County on the beautiful Central Coast of California, is on a coastal mesa averaging an elevation of 380 feet above sea level. Traveling Highway 101, Nipomo is 7 miles south of Arroyo Grande and 7 miles north of Santa Maria. Nipomo is located at the foot of the hills of the Temetate Ridge. Blessed with beautiful coastal weather featuring delightful ocean breezes and wonderfully mild temperatures year round. On average, temperatures rise to a welcoming 80 degrees and dip to a refreshing 42 degrees, providing one of the finest and most desirable climates. Nipomo homes for sale.

Presently, over 238,974 residents enjoy our central coast location. Agriculture, state institutions, tourism and recreation make up the principal economic background. With the ocean and mountains, the Spanish and historical flavor, the friendly climate and the relative freedom from urban hassles, SLO County is a wonderful place to call home.
Currently there are great opportunities in real estate for first time buyers or for that second beach home, get-a-way home, and investments properties. Call Raymond and Associates the real estate professionals for a list of Central Coast homes for sale.




Ruby and Patrick THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!! They took the time to answer all my questions and walked me through the whole process of buying a home and selling my parents home. I would not go to anyone else now that they have spoiled me. With their attention to detail, patience and knowledge I was able to buy a cute little house in a nice established neighborhood. Love it.
Ruby and Patrick thank you for all your help and I will recommend your service to anyone and to everyone.
Sincerely, Karen

Duane and Gloria

Impressed with Your Knowledge, Professionalism

We wanted to thank you for selling our home and making our new home purchase in Nipomo so pleasant. We were very impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and your incredible attention to detail. Inspite of the obstacles that we encountered with the sellers, you did a fantastic job in keeping everyone on schedule ensuring our targeted move in date. The most special part about that transaction is meeting not just 2 wonderful realtors, but maintaining a friendship that will last a lifetime.
We love you both!!!
Thanks, Duane and Gloria

Joe & JoAnn Wood

You were Always there for Us

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you during the purchase of our vacation home on the Central Coast. Thank you for your knowledge, advice and patience as we searched for just the right place. You were always there for us as we went through the many steps to finalize our purchase. Your warm and friendly personalities made it a "fun" experience. We have and would recommend The Raymond Team to one and all.
To a continuing friendship,
Joe and JoAnn Wood

Jean & Jerry Pledger

You Really Listened to What We Wanted

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the work that you did for us in locating, and closing escrow on, the perfect beach house for us. As you know, I am a busy lawyer and President of California Women Lawyers this year. I knew that trying to buy a vacation home during this very busy year was really probably more than I could handle. But, once my husband got in touch with you, you made the process very easy.
You really listened to what we wanted, and then showed us only those properties that fit our needs. You took the time to tell us about the market in the area and the pros and cons of each neighborhood that we looked at property in. And, once we were in escrow, you went above and beyond any expectation when a title issue arose and Ruby personally went down to the County offices and took care of it!
On a final note, your website is one of the best in the San Luis Obispo area. Most websites don’t allow you to view all of the information regarding the properties. They require that you submit your personal contact information and then they will contact you with the information. Yours, however, is different in that you can review all of the properties’ information and then contact you if interested in looking at the property. This makes your website extremely user-friendly.
I and my husband have recommended, and will continue to recommend the Raymond Real Estate Team to all of our friends and colleagues. Thank you again, Jean & Jerry Pledger

Linda & Tom Key

Dedicated to the Service

In the Summer of 2009, myself, and my then soon to be wife Linda, had been interested in looking for property in the Paso Robles area. At that time I lived in far Northern California, and Linda lived in North Long Beach, making it difficult to search the Central Coast area. Linda had gotten the number for Raymond & Assoc.. Most likely from an online listing. Patrick and Ruby had become our eyes and ears from that point on, and without their tireless work, we would not have been able to find what we had been looking for, and finalize a deal. Myself, and Linda, would wholeheartedly recommend these fine people who are so dedicated to the service they provide, and their knowledge of the real estate world is a real asset! We still seek their advice when we have any real estate concerns, and we consider them the best of friends! Respectfully, Thomas Key & Linda Hess-Key

Mike and Kristin Sullivan

I'm not easy to impress.

Frankly, most businesses and service providers disappoint me in one way or another. In my career, I have to be brutally nit-picky and frankly, most folks don't measure up. I have to say I was impressed in every way with the Raymond's. They worked very well with our crazy schedules. We were able to handle most tasks via email and scanner, which saved a lot of hassle for us and made the process more efficient. As a team, Ruby and Patrick work well to cover the bases and it seems like one of them is always available to answer your questions immediately. When we found our new home, they were able to respond quickly to get our offer in fast. They handled extensive negotiations with the seller's agent and freed us from that emotional drain on our time. In the end, we bought a wonderful house that fits our needs and the transaction went smoothly. Honestly, I expected to be disappointed at some point. But, in this case, it never did. They just kept doing everything right, every time and with a smile! I can recommend Ruby and Patrick without reservation.

Clive Grey

Stellar Service

I have met and used other Realtors over the past years and they were all very good, are so I thought until I was introduced to Patrick Raymond. His professionalism far exceeded what I was used too. I bought my beautiful home in Arroyo Grande using Patrick's stellar service. He found me my dream home that has views of the Ocean and scenic views. I only recommend him to my friends.

Kat Stowell

The one trusted to sell my home

Patrick is the Realtor I trusted to sell my home!